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Puerta del Conde

puerta del_conde

This gate was built in 1558 and in those days referred to as Puerta Cerrada. It served as a defense for the Count of Peñalba.

On the night of 27th of February 1844, the monument was converted into a national symbol when the heroes of independence (Duarte, Sanchez and Mella) chose the arch of this monument to sign the declaration of independence of the Dominican Republic. They were buried here from 1944 till 1976 when they were moved to their new mausoleum inside the park.

It was originally named Fort San Genaro, thus complying with the Hispanic tradition of giving its military buildings the name of patron saints.

The door of the Count is designed with Spanish style of the era, like many other monuments of the Dominican Republic is a central location in Santo Domingo (Colonial Zone).

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