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Beautifull white sand beaches Dominican Republic

10 reasons to visit the Dominican Republic

  1. The Dominican Republic is the second largest, and the most culturally diverse, country in the Caribbean.
  2. Dominican people are the happiest population on planet earth.  According to the Sapiens Study Mental State of the World Report, the Dominican Republic ranks number one in mental well-being of its people.
  3. Unmatched gastronomy and cultural heritage.
  4. Dominican Republic music. Bachata and Merengue are original rhythms of the Dominican Republic. Here you will find out where it all began.
  5. The Dominican Republic, mating site of the humpback whale, with endless romantic spots and escapades, is the ideal destination to enjoy special moments with your life partner.
  6. Unforgettable activities and experiences.  From the lowest altitude in the Caribbean al Lago Enriquillo, to the highest mountains at 10,000 feet Pico Duarte and all imaginable microclimates in between.  From 0-degree temperatures in the mountains of Constanza, to desert climate at the Dunes of Bani. 
  7. The most beautiful white sand beaches on planet earth with 80-degree temperatures and sunshine all year round.
  8. First class first world tourism infrastructure and connectivity. The Dominican Republic is the best-connected destination in the Caribbean, with 8 international airports and 5 cruise ship terminals.
  9.  It is the largest tourism destination in the Caribbean with over 80,000 hotel rooms offered by the most prestigious world class hotel chains in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Santiago, Punta Cana, Samana, La Romana, Pedernales and others. 
  10. The Dominican Republic cultural heritage and history is unparalleled by any other Caribbean destination.  The first University of the New World, the first Street, the first courthouse, the first Hospital.  Santo Domingo is known as “the city of firsts”.  Founded in 1498 by Bartholomew Columbus, it is the first European city in the Americas.
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