Puerto Plata: a sustainable commitment to responsible tourism and the diversity of tourist attractions

Puerto Plata Beach

Since 2012, the province of Puerto Plata, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, has experienced an impressive tourism resurgence. With significant investment in tourism infrastructure and services, the province has attracted millions of visitors and has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

In recent years, Puerto Plata has seen the construction of 911 hotels and more than 13,800 rooms, which has allowed the province to significantly increase its capacity to receive tourists. In addition, since 2012, Puerto Plata has received more than 3 million tourists, demonstrating the success of investments in the tourism sector.

One of the keys to Puerto Plata’s success has been the Amber Cove port, which has been a major attraction for cruise passengers visiting the Dominican Republic. In fact, 60% of cruise passengers visiting the country do so through this port, which has significantly boosted tourism in the province.

But Puerto Plata has not only focused on cruise tourism. The province has developed a wide range of tourist attractions, such as dream beaches, theme parks, golf courses, shopping areas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In addition, the province has invested in the restoration of its historical and cultural heritage, which has allowed visitors to enjoy a more complete tourist experience.

Another key factor in Puerto Plata’s tourism success has been its focus on sustainability and environmental protection. The province has developed initiatives to protect its ecosystems and has promoted responsible tourism to preserve its natural beauty for future generations.

In summary, Puerto Plata has managed to reposition itself as a top tourist destination in the Dominican Republic thanks to the investment in infrastructure and tourist services, the diversification of its tourist attractions, the focus on sustainability and environmental protection, its people, the quality of services and the success of the Amber Cove port as an attraction for cruise passengers.

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